For sale!

At Flammabyggets Stuteri, we constantly sale jumping horses, both internationally and nationally. Our customers come from all over the world and we always have more horses for sale at different ages than can be found in the photos below. So if you want to keep up to date you do your best to contact us personally. – If you have a horse for sale and want help with sales, contact Pia Levin:

Pia Levin
Phone: 070- 56 111 29  or e-mail

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The horses we have for sale is:

Flb Pia´s Pet
e. King Louie – Acadius – Grannus
Mare – 2013 – one foal
Competed 125cm

Central Park Flb
e.Magic Park – Burggraaf – Abgar
Mare – 2015 – one foal
Competed 1m

Kilcohan Park Flb
e. Magic Park – Acadius – Grannus
Gelding – 2015
Competed 1m

AllInOne Flb
e. King Louie – Acadius – Grannus
Mare – 2014 – One foal
Competed 120

Flb Diamonds Forever
e. Diamant de Revel – Burggraaf
Mare – 2013
Competed 130cm

e. Cyklon – Camaro M
Gelding – 2012
Competed 130cm

Tilda Gemini Flb
e. King Louie – Burggraaf – Abgar
Mare – 2014 – One foal
Competed 110 cm


Val – 2010 

Tävlat 130cm